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Watch Buying Guide


Buying a watch can be rather tricky process.  It’s not just about choosing one that looks nice in the pictures.  Watches come in different functions, sizes, movements and so it’s about choosing one that’s right for you.

In this guide we shall be covering the basic features of a watch and what you should be looking out for.  Our aim is to give you enough tips so that you are able to buy the perfect watch!

One of the most important features of a watch is it’s movement….that is the moving parts within the watch.






Is found in most watches and is the most accurate and least expensive type of all the movements. 

A current from the battery moves through a quartz crystal and makes it vibrate very fast.  In turn this powers a motor and rotates the hands of the watch.

The only disadvantage is that the battery has to be replaced every 2 -3 years.


Best For:

Limited Budgets, Active people





The motion of a person is used to power the movement of a watch. 

In general they are not as accurate as quartz watches and only store power for two days. 

Hence if you do not wear the watch frequently, you may have to set the time and wind it.


Best For:

Frequent watch wearers, watch lovers





Old fashioned watches that are wound by hand.

They are not as accurate as quartz or automatic movements.


Best For:

Vintage Lovers, Collectables


Watch Cases

The case is the outer shell of the watch that holds all the delicate watch pieces together.  It can be designed in many different shapes for example round, square or rectangular.

The watch case is usually made out of metals such as steel, gold or titanium. They also come with different finishes which make a great impact to the look of your watch.

The different finishes are matte, shiney or special finishes with stones/bezels.


Watch Glass

The watch glass is the clear cover on top of the case and it can be made of different materials.

Mineral glass is the most common material used as it is strong and affordable however it can be scratched. 

On the other hand sapphire is less likely to be scratched and is used on some of the higher end brands such as Tissot and Calvin Klein.  This type of glass is very tough and difficult to scratch.


Watch Strap

Choosing the correct strap is vital to wearing a comfortable watch.  Analogue watches normally have a leather or metallic watch strap, whereas digital watches are made of plastic straps.

The higher end brands sometimes have a special release in their strap called deployment clasps.  This makes them easier to take on and off.


Now you understand the different elements that make up the ideal watch for you - go ahead and start looking for that perfect watch!

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